Acción Mission Tours

Acción Mission Tours are one way you an see our ministries at work in the Yucatan. For other ways to get involved see What You Can Do.

Acción would like to invite you to travel to the Yucatan to experience the culture, learn about the Mayan people and see first hand the mission work being done there. Friends of Accion plans to organize their first Mission Tour in 2019. As an alternative to Work Teams, this is an opportunity for individuals, seniors, couples, or small groups to experience the mission and people first-hand.

Acción Mission Tour of the Yucatan

Your host Pastor Oscar Dorantes of Acción Ministries in Merida, Yucatan and Nancy and Bob Scheid, will take you to visit homes and churches built by mission teams in Mayan villages and you will meet the families who live there. You will learn the history of the Mayan people, shop cottage industries for typical Mayan crafts, and take in the flavor of Yucatan. On the schedule will also be a visit to two Acción ministry homes: the Merida Student House, for young men getting a higher education, and the Mayan Children’s Village, for rural Mayan children to have access to middle and high-school education. Cultural parts of the trip will be a trip to the town square, the Zocola, to watch authentic Yucatecan dancers, a talk by an anthropologist to help you understand the Maya and a visit to one of the many spectacular Mayan ruins in the area.

This is not a work trip but rather a fact-finding trip. Our goal is that you will begin to understand the plight of the Maya in Yucatan and take back with you a sense of where you and your church may fit and help with the overwhelming work that Pastor Dorantes does in Yucatan. A great trip for pastors, youth leaders, mission coordinators and anyone with an interest in global missions; this trip could change your life!


Details will be worked out by fall 2018.

All expenses and arrangements in Mexico would be coordinated by the tour and a reasonable tour package amount will include:

  • A nice hotel for each night of the tour.
  • Two meals a day.
  • Guided trips and cultural events each day, including entrance fees.
  • All ground transportation.
  • A donation to Friends of Accion to help support the continued mission work.

Roundtrip airfare to Merida, Mexico would be the separate responsibility of each individual.

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While this tour is new for Friends of Accion, the organization has coordinated many work teams with Acción ministries. Over many years, Acción has hosted many work teams, visitors, and volunteers of many kinds. In fact, this mission tour organizer, Nancy Scheid, first became involved with Acción through a mission tour before Friends of Accion was created. For more information contact: Nancy Scheid at nscheid7 AT hotmail DOT com.