News reports of drug cartel violence in Mexico’s border zone and large cities have been unfortunate and caused a lot of concern about safety for Acción Ministries.

We take our staff and volunteers’ safety VERY SERIOUSLY, and are happy to report that the Yucatan Peninsula where Acción operates is still a very safe place for both Mexican and American citizens.  Our area of operation is far removed from the violence in the north and other cities in Mexico.

Most of the Yucatan is scattered small towns where everyone knows each other and crime rates are very low.  Merida is a large city, but well-policed and very safe.  Because of the hot climate, people tend to go out at night when it’s cooler, even families and children, so walking around at night is safe.

Other Safety Concerns

Most of our safety concerns for volunteers relate to food safety and the hot climate in the Yucatan.  Temperatures in the summer are typically over 100°F during the day, with very high humidity.  Heat-related illnesses, especially sunburn and dehydration are our biggest safety concern for volunteers.  Both are easily preventable beforehand and treatable if they occur.  Our Team Leader’s Handbook offers more advice for volunteers travelling to Mexico with Acción Ministries.

Rest assured we want your interaction with us to be a very safe and positive experience!

Mexico Safety in the News

Everyone who works with Acción is attuned to news media reports about Mexico.  We try to be informed and pass along that information.  Here are some recent news articles that pertain to Acción Ministries’ areas of operation.